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Recipe: Two Pot Campfire Dinner

During the Summer I like to be outside as much as possible! In western New York it snows about 9 months out of the year so Summertime is the only time we have to really fit all outside activities in! I want to share my two pot Campfire Dinner with you!

What you will need:

Vegetables (we used sweet peppers)

Kielbasa (any sausage will work)

Potatoes (diced)

1 packet of dry ranch dressing mix

Coconut oil

I coat each cast iron pan with Coconut oil before adding any food in them. 

This helps with clean up later on! Add the vegetables and met in one Cast Iron Skillet. 

Place on the campfire, mixing frequently.

Next add the ranch packet to the coconut oil in the next pan. Mix around to create a liquid dressing. Then place the diced potatoes in the pan. Mix together so they are well coated with the spice mix and oil.

Let cook for about 10-15 minutes depending on how hot your campfire is. 

The potatoes are done when they are nice and soft as shown above!

Once you are done cooking just serve and enjoy!