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10 Reasons to use Travel Excellence

Ready to get away with family and explore a new destination? My family loves finding locations that are secret gems but worth some serious hype. Travel Excellence Costa Rica Guide offers vacation packages to 200+ different destinations. Just reading that perked my interest! Costa Rica is a simply amazing place that can leave an everlasting impact on anyone who visits. There’s something magically appealing to all sorts of families, couples and solo travelers. If you are interested in Costa Rica enjoy a fellow travel writer’s opinions: “Costa Rica is the true embodiment of “Pura Vida.” You’ll return from your trip here feeling refreshed and ready for anything after all of your adventures here. So if you’re looking for a fun getaway to try new experiences, and that also won’t break the bank, Costa Rica is ready for you”! –Collage tourist

As a travel writer organization and planning are all things I do everyday, on every trip to help things run smoothly. When you are on vacation…shouldn’t you relax? Imagine someone else taking care of all the fine print details for you? Here are a few reasons I believe every family should explore Travel agents! They are a vital key to a successful trip!

This post was in collaboration with Travel Excellence, the opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

1. Find a travel agency that has experience! An example: Travel Excellence has more than 15 years in the business and offers 24/7 travel assistance while you are in Costa Rica! Experience helps you find locations, destinations AND attractions to fit your wants and needs.

2. Travel services include hotel & tour reservations, private guides, transportation in Costa Rica with guides and drivers, car rentals and domestic flights.

3. What if I have never been to this destination? Enjoy amazing tips on what to carry on your travels by visiting their website: Travel Excellence.

4. Enjoy TOP attraction list’s to help you experience exactly what you want on your trip. Examples include: Canals, Beaches, National Parks, Waterfalls and so many more!!

5. Why choose Costa Rica? We fell in love with the culture and beautiful scenery. We love the outdoors, bird watching, canoeing, hiking, white water rafting and fishing are just a few of the reasons we choose this destination. 

6. ALL-Inclusive packages are life savers! If you are traveling internationally or to a new destination having every detail taken care of is such a gigantic perk. All of your tickets and reservations are taken care of before you even leave! I love this feature and it helps me try new things I might not have found on my own!

7. Do travel services include health information? What Travel agency would be complete without great tips on how to stay safe both health wise and throughout your travels? This is such a great way to really protect your entire family. 

**I love this feature when traveling because my son means the world to me and I want him enjoying our vacations not under the weather!

8. Meals are taken care of!  Learn details about Costa Rica food and learn what you can eat on the Travel excellence site as well! When you are thinking of family vacations, think where will we eat? Enjoying the family package will allow the best meals without worrying about it. I do not have to search out places to eat because it is all taken care of, Thank You!

9. Hassle Free! If you are like me and just want a getaway with your family without having to do all the leg work check Travel Excellence out! They will take care of you and your loved ones. Do not believe me? Check them out for yourself!

10. Once your travel package is decided you can start your trip! I love going on a trip that is all set and ready to go before we even arrive. Al I have to do is pack, show up and ENJOY!