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L.V.Kiki Unboxing

The sun is finally coming out in Western New York and combined with lots of little travel getaways I have been stocking up on key statement pieces. Some people have a few pieces but I like to have a few different options to choose from. This month I enjoyed the luxury of L.V.Kiki box subscription.

L.V.Kikiwill deliver to your door a box (similar to the pictures below) with 4-6 carefully curated fashion accessories every month for you to keep. Each subscription box is a surprise combination of trendy jewelry, shoes, scarves, gloves, hats, leg wear, belts, and hair accessories. They all come individually wrapped in these cute little pouches! I love these because I can toss them in my travel bag and nothing get tangled!

Each piece is unique to the wearer, there are unlimited combinations, and each are lovely. I love not knowing what you will be sent! I also love the idea of trying new things that are out of your comfort zone because I was rather surprised I liked things I never thought to try.

The Summer is right around the corner so take the hassle out of what to wear by enjoying a lovely box. I did and I am so incredibly glad. Enjoy all of my wonderful travel photos wearing my pieces on my Instagram here

Then head over and check out the Lvkiki box service here.