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Museums in Balboa Park CA

This particular Museum features dynamic, changing exhibitions of historical and contemporary folk art, craft and design. I spent some time wondering around looking at what they had to offer. 

I enjoyed the wonderful glass lighting fixtures….

As well as this sculpture work of art.

Between the mid-nineteenth and mid-twentieth centuries, American folk artists created thousands of carved and painted wood sculptures in the form of utilitarian walking sticks.

Exploring regional and national craft traditions, while expressing each state’s unique contribution to the richness of the American experience.

Next I found myself in the Museum of Photographic Arts. It was hands down my favorite of the day! As a majoring background in Photography and Art, this was exhilarating.

Museum of Photographic Arts exhibits work from its collection of more than 7,000 images as well as from new artists, representing the entire history of photography, its aesthetic movements, and technological advancements.

They even have a real time, digital capture frame. Enjoy the video here.

Here are a few of my personal favorites…

Contrast, color and context is wonderful.

I also thought this was a wonderful collection of stills.