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Travel- El Gave, San Diego

Traveling to San Diego from New York was a long trip. After settling in and meeting Tiffany, we decided to grab some dinner. We headed to El Agave, which happens to be the largest tequila museum in the United States – boasting 2,500 tequila bottles on display. The restaurant
is nestled within the museum located in Old Town, San Diego.

Elegantly dressed with white table linens to greet you with prestige.

We were greeted with bread, chips and authentic salsas.

The middle was a mixture of flavor and spice.

Slurping on cocktails as we poured over the menu.

Tiffany ordered the Sea Bass Mac cum Negro: Sea Bass fillet cooked to perfection in a
sophisticated sauce made from pasilla chili, bell peppers, and spices. 

Served with hot plantains.

I ordered the Medallones El Portal: Grilled fillet mignon medallions and Portobello mushrooms served in a delicate mixture of two wonderful sauces: mustard sauce complemented by a mild spicy chipotle sauce. 

Served with artichoke and fried string potatoes.

The filet was perfectly cooked and seasoned in a Mexican authentic flare. 

The potatoes are in a flurry of vibrant herbs.

Find them at: 2304 San Diego Ave.Old Town, CA 92110

Book: (619) 220-0692 & (619) 220-8405


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  1. Jenn Peters
    November 28, 2015 / 9:35 pm

    Looks like a great date night venue! My husband would go with that filet mignon for sure! Thanks for sharing on the #SundayBlogHop 🙂