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Care Bears & Cousins on Netflix #streamteam

While in New York this past July I was able to meet a few members of the *NEW* Care Bears & Cousins series on Netflix. “The
whole huggable gang is back, bringing tales of caring and sharing to a
new generation. And now the Care Bear Cousins are here to join the fun!” These episodes have been extremely helping getting us back in the school swing of things. My son loves to fight going to bed at a early time. Who can relate?

Since I work from home I need to squeeze hours in whenever I can to focus on my career. That mean many early mornings and late nights. Since my son is an early riser he also enjoys stay up. What kid doesn’t enjoy staying up late? Well, parents I have just the thing to help you out! Netflix has created the Dinotrux ‘5 Minute Favorites’. They are only 5 minutes so you can say fine watch one more episode and then it is time for bed. Genius!  Tucking them in is magic, it’s just getting there that’s the hard part. So make bedtime a little easier with three new Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites from Netflix.

DinoTrux 5MF BB boxshot USA  en


DinoTrux 5MF TR boxshot USA  en


DinoTrux 5MF TS boxshot USA  en

These are our top monthly picks! I hope you enjoy because next month we are sharing our festive recipes pair with shows again!! What is you favorite way to get your little one to bed?
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