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Back to School Routine with Netflix

 The month of September holds a bitter sweet feeling for me. My not so little one, returns to school. I have spent the last three months being his everyday entertainment. We have a routine we both have come accustomed too! On another note, I will say this time brings me some pleasure, from the idea of enjoying my coffee when it is warm or going to the bathroom without an observer. YEAH!!

I miss him when he is off learning though. The house in which I
wanted to be quiet, is a bit too quiet. The coffee I could not wait to
drink warm is actually “Hot” when it is first made (ha! Who knew?). Going to the
bathroom without observers well we have a little puppy who fills that

 September is a month of getting back into the school year swing of things. When to work, clean, fit in homework and get organized again. I have free time these days. FREE TIME!! Any other parents out there singing praise to Free time? What have I filled my time with but a bit of Netflix binge watching! Try not to judge but when no on is home, to steal the remote, I can fit in “Once Upon a Time, HGTV House Hunters, Holmes on Holmes or even “Saved by the Bell“! This Mom could get used to this actually! Bring on the School year!

I also wanted to mention I am most looking 

forward to Gotham: Season 1 COMING 9/21!!