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Travel – Marineland, Canada

 **I received a free tickets to facilitate my review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

Ever since I was a kid I have known the fun slogan “everyone loves Marineland! Growing up in a lower income home we could not afford vacation or many trips. As an adult I have worked hard to provide these opportunities for my son. For his sixth birthday we decided to take him to Marineland. He was so excited but secretly so was I!

After entering the front gate we decided to check out the King Waldorf Stadium Show. “It was described to have high-flying dolphins perform amazing flips and other awesome feats. We could marvel at the playfulness of beluga whales. Or fall in love with
adorable walruses and enjoy the hilarious antics of their comical sea
lion friends”.

They were not exaggerating! This show is infectious from start to finish. The staff work diligently to incorporate entertainment by simply allowing the animals to play.

I have seen my share of “shows” that are well versed and robotic. This one is real life with fun loving animals. They are well cared for which is very apparent through their behaviors.

Yes, they do stunts and tricks on command but they also “show off” for the crowd. It warmed my heart to see how well cared for they are and that they seem to enjoy their “jobs”. We laughed, danced, cheered and just overall had a fun ime in this show.

Next we headed to the Deer Park. It was a rainy day so we had to use ponchos and an umbrella. Luckily, that did not prevent us from doing anything.

The animals come right up to you. They are curious and friendly!

My son feed bison, elk and deer.I will mention they know when someone is going to buy food so be prepared for them to gobble it up quickly!

Next we headed to Arctic Cove! This was a special treat for my son because like I said it was his actual birthday the day we went.

Belugas are so playful, they allow you to feed and touch them.

What we enjoyed: The day we went the weather was questionable (raining) and yet it did not hinder our fun. The park is spread out, so wear comfortable shoes. The gardens/walkways are clean and well kept by staff. All the staff member were friendly, helpful and seemed to enjoy their jobs! The deer parks was so much fun I could spend hours in there walking amongst the animals and touching their fuzzy antlers!

What could be Improved: I wish we had better weather when we visited but that was not the parks fault. I would suggest perhaps more aquarium areas or under water viewing tanks.

Overall Rating: 4.8 out 5 stars!



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    I'm a little amazed that, when my husband and I visited the Niagara Falls area (spur of the moment) back when my son was about 9, we never did hear anything about this. Happy the attraction worked out for your family.

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    Wow, amazing pictures and a great blog. And I must admit you are lucky enough Liza…Regards