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Faith Corner: What is Right & Wrong?

something is wrong is not the same as feeling something is wrong”!
DO you agree? How do we acquire that knowledge? Do we know right from wrong through religions, environment or experiences? “The requirement that a person is
responsible for their actions..” Does this mean we really have
consequences? I think several people have fallen off the right and
wrong wagon! After they do they then teach the future generations and somehow there is a
HUGE body of people convinced there delusions are right when in fact
they are not.

values instilled in you, where did they come from? I find it curious how we all got them. How they
get passed from generation to generation and which one is
right rather then wrong. Is there a absolute guide to telling us
everything? We can’t possibly teach
anyone if we don’t learn from one another first.
So, what is right from Wrong? How did you come to believe what is right? How did you find out what is right. I gather this from several places in my life. I watch others make mistakes, I have made mistakes, experiences, learned behaviors, influences, sources I have read etc. Having said that who can question my conscience?

I know if I break a law I will have consequences. If I teach my son certain phrases to say he could get into trouble at school. Laws are there to keep order. But do we compromise our morals? I teach my son that killing is wrong and yet we hunt. I teach him not the swear and yet I do. I am by definition a hypocrite at times. I own that, I know my actions are things that will not only effect my life but those around me. Perhaps we all need a system of right and wrong. Perhaps we need a little drive to be examples then to badgers to others who don’t share our same ideals. Doing something wrong is completely different then if you think it is.