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Top 5 Winter Activities

Top 5 Winter Activities:

1. Ice Skating: Did you ever do this as a kid? I took Mac ice skating for the first time and I am so glad.  This is a pretty inexpensive thing to take your child to do. Another great benefit to this activity is that it appeals to all ages even us ADULTS!!

2. Arcade & Ping Pong: This is a great cheap way to entertain children. I loved ping pong as a kid and even more so passing the skill down to my son. We have a local area who allows kids to play for free. Arcades are another great way to have fun, try little competitions between you and your kiddos.

 3. Bowling: This is another great, inexpensive, activity that can be fun! I love bowling because we can invite friends or just go Mac & I.

 4. LEGOS: Now those of you that have a girl are thinking really? Local libraries hold Lego clubs and I have to say most of the time it is both girls & boys. I LOVED Lego as a kid so when my five year old finally came into liking them as well I was SUPER excited!!

5. Sledding: This is the last activity I am suggesting today. I tried to pick out activities you can do both in groups or just you and your child(ren). Sledding is another great activity to pass the time, any age can participate and you can join in! So strap on some snow gear and get out there!!