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Tips on Ice Skating with Kids

 I remember as a kid watching figure skating with my grandmother. The skill, dance moves and pure talent had me in complete awe. I always wanted to be a professional figure skater so at a young age took lessons. As I got older I realized the industry was more about weight requirements and less about “fun”. Never in my wildest dreams did I think those lessons would benefit me later on in life when I had children. Here are some great tips if you want to take child of any age out ice skating.

 ❄ Dress in layers. Like my Mom always says you can take off clothes but never put them on if you don’t have them!

❄ Rent skates, Hockey skates are usually great for beginners!

❄ Don’t tie the skates too tight because this may leave blisters, although blisters usually happen no matter what so wear long socks!

 ❄ Bring some friends or extra adults with you. This helps with balancing first timers.

❄ Be patient, it’s scary when you first go out on the ice so take it slow.

 ❄ The fear of falling always get people. I always purposely slide on the ice to show it’s not so bad and part of it. Fail get back up, no big deal.

❄ Lend a hand or rent a metal balance tool to help you on the ice. 

You can also hold onto the side of the rink.

❄ The best advice I can give you is this, HAVE FUN!!! Ice skating is fun, even if you fail, are cold, are not very good. Try not to be a perfectionist about technique but rather enjoy being on the ice. Trust me if kids are having fun they won’t want to leave the ice once they get on it!


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  1. Quirky Homemaker
    January 17, 2015 / 2:05 pm

    We're probably not too far from each other, since I'm in NE Ohio. I've only been ice skating once. I held onto the edge of the rink for a looooong time before I felt comfortable enough to let go. Luckily the ice was pretty chopped up by the time I started skating on my own. That definitely made it easier since the ice wasn't so slippery. My kids have been a couple times, too. Great tips! Thanks for stopping by and liking my FB page. I liked you back!