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Faith Corner: Should you house Doubt?

The last few weeks I have touch on a few topics that I hope got you all thinking and debating. I have some of the best ideas right before I go to sleep. One evening my mind was just racing with ideas to the point sleep evaded me. It was in this time I realized “doubt” holds a big place in my mind, just like worry has. I was doubting about my profession. If you are reading this, then you can see my profession in black and white. I have a website. This website started off as a suggestion someone gave me after attending my coupon class. I always wanted to be a teacher but doubted I could stand in front of others to speak (I was wrong).But blogging is not a “real” job?? Who does that for a living, maybe I should get a real job.

“You can always come up with an excuse why you can’t do something. And
you can say I’m going to wait for the conditions to be perfect before I
go out. The conditions are NEVER perfect. If you wait for the conditions
to be perfect, to make your dream a reality, then your going to be
sitting on your dream for the rest of your life (spoken by EvanCarmichael)”.

 Do you also house doubt? Do you make excuses? I have doubted myself about this business adventure from day one! Yet, I continue to write these posts. Then last July, I went to NYC for a conference. I was a lucky recipient of Free tickets to which I took my mother along. This was the first time my profession really blessed another person.

I was a real business person, meeting clients, businesses and showing off my small town talents. I excelled in groups, signed on brands and just overall learn so much about myself. On the way home from NYC (a six hour drive) my Mom reflected a lot about our trip. She said: “I will never say you do not work hard, I could never do what you have managed to do in such a short amount of time”.

This post is not about my accomplishments in life but rather my reflections of the past year. People told me from day one I was never “good enough”, I couldn’t make anything of myself. I heard them laughing and talking about me behind my back. I listened and saw their comments about my videos, my posts to the point I actually believed them. Doubt is consuming and it is contagious. If you have doubt, it is ok, you are not alone. But, if you house doubt and let it dwell within you, doubt will eat you up! If you hear negative comments about your dream/passion, push so far ahead you can no longer hear their words.