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New York City for the weekend

 This past weekend I had the pleasure of jumping in the car & heading to the Big Apple. 

A lot has been going on in my personal life that I don’t really share on my blog. 

Some good, some bad and some of it is just unexpected like this trip.  

This is a lifestyle blog so I thought maybe I would share some of the “behind the scenes shots & experiences”

 Nothing like dragging your two friends away from our small town for a little R&R.

This week I will share with you fun times we had, our experiences & reviews of some of NYC tourist attractions! We took a cruise on the Classic Harbor Yacht in Manhattan for example…


 Did I mention they are just as fun loving & dorky as myself? I hope you all have friends like this, you know the ones that make you laugh. Pose for awkward pictures and laugh at the people who give weird stares afterwards!!

We road the elevators & posed at Madam Tussauds! 

Ha, I even learned how to Photo Bomb 🙂

 We kiss “Buddy- the Cake Boss” bobble head 

after eating some Cheesecake & Chocolate mousse cake!

 What we thought was a “social experiment” turned out to be YET another money scam in NYC for this “free hug” photo. You live & learn (still shaking my head in annoyance).

 I traveled to “Little Italy & China Town”. 

If you have never been to NYC, I truely recomend all of these places to see.

Take in the food, the culture & “crazy” fast moving New Yorker’s because its all part of the charm of this place.

This weekend was a business trip but really it turned out to be so much more. I was a trip of many firsts for me & the girls. I would say this year New York city has seen a lot of me but I haven’t seen as much of it as I did this trip. I love to travel & will continue, so I hope you stay tuned this week to read all about our experiences & reviews!