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Day 7, 8 & 9 no shoes #tendayswithout


Why am I shoe-less in WAl-Mart…find out here!

 Day 7: I went to Wal-Mart….. Yes, ode to the clique of “Wal-Mart costumers” And if that wasn’t bad enough I got caught in a photo graph doing it!!! I stand at the return counter exchanging ink and my brother says “Liz” my reaction to turn around and smile…Really? Oh the up side I saw some other people completely barefoot shopping so I guess it’s the fashion trend right now…hope they are raising awareness too!

Day 8: My back has taken a turn for the worse! No seriously since my accident last Christmas Eve I have a “tens” unit to help with pain management so I don’t take any pain medications. Well, I have used this unit about everyday for some reason it has gotten worse. I want to throw in the towel today so BADLY! I want to be done with this and just wear shoes. I see then look at me as I walk out the door as they lock me and I think to myself…”Selfish” you have them some people don’t! My pain is but a small price in the grand scheme of things really. 

So I carry out BUT today was difficult let me tell you!

Day 9: Well, I made it this far no turning back now. We took our new addition to the Vet office and in true fashion they let me in only wearing socks. Funny how people look at you BUT then get easily distracted by the cute lil pup in your hands. Luckily the Vet office clean their floors and today was an ok day without my shoes. Could be the fact that tomorrow is my last day and I am SUPER excited!!

If you are local Drop off any shoes with a ribbon attached to the Community Helping Hands!!


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  1. Unknown
    October 4, 2014 / 4:14 pm

    its cool that your walking barefoot i could never do it!