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Our Trip to NYC

Last week I shared several posts on our trip to the big apple, NYC. It was my son Mclachlan’s first time and I wanted to share some more pictures & stories. First, if you are taking your children do some research before going. Know how to travel and get around because once in the city it is VERY difficult to stop & read a map or ask for directions. The pace in NYC is SUPER fast moving so get on a tram and hang on!

Once off at Port Authority we headed to Time Square. 

I had to stop and snap a few photos!

We stopped in the Disney Store & ToysRUs in Time Square. They have so many fun kid friendly things to do. It is rather crowded but manageable.

This was a great place to walk around, try out the newest toys on the market and snap some photographs!

Then it was back out into Time Square for some street photo shots. These people are not licensed with anyone and are rather pushy for tips. If you have small children just be mindful and steer clear of the Nude ladies. No seriously not exactly kid eye appropriate!

The second day we headed to Legoland, you can read about that here.

That night we headed to a Yankee Game in Staten Island, 

you can check it out here.

Day three we headed out to find Lady Liberty! On the way we saw several Bus tours and this one had a rather lovely paint job!

Lady Liberty was a nice drive from Time Square. 

I would not recommend walking it, use a cab or UBER!

Nothing beats a boy & Lady Liberty!

Before Our final tourist activity I stopped into Cake’ Boss Cafe. 

Grace, Buddy’s Sister was in for a short time and I was able to snap a photo before she dashed back to work. She was so nice, just a regular lady working.

Finally we ended our trip with a Ride, Literally! 

Check out that experience here

Hope you enjoyed our recap of NYC!



  1. AmyG
    September 1, 2014 / 2:17 pm

    What a great time you guys had! Awesome advice about doing your homework first before you visit, though. Great pictures, too!

  2. Kat
    September 1, 2014 / 2:49 pm

    looks fabulous…never had the chance to travel with the kids…makes me envious seeing these pics