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Day 5 & 6 without shoes #10dayswithoutshoes

 Day 5: Fridays are my night off so to speak. As in I don’t cook dinner but usually hang with one of my friends instead. Every Mom needs a night off especially if you are a stay at home Mom. It might not seem like a lot but trust me I work more now then I ever did at a 9 to 9 job! So we headed out to a new resturant and in true style I was shoeless! Why am I shoeless? Check out my shoe drive here.


 Day 6: We walked around a local Apple Fall Festival. It was a nice sunny day but most of the area was gravel or ash-fault.  My feet HURT! My back hurts the worst, never have I wanted to just throw in the towel. I like walking around barefoot but on all this different terrain it really throws your body in a loop. I cannot imagine children day to day walking in filth without shoes. I look at stores and think you have isles of shoes for sale, I bet if every store in the world contributed 1 pair of shoes to those in need we could cure the shoeless across the nations! Just food for thought.

What I have collected so far… I have four boxes full and a few sponsor sheets. I haven’t counted yet but I think I will start this week since I will be donating them in 5 more days! If you want to join in the campaign & sponsor me:

 Drop off your shoes with a ribbon attached to the Community Helping Hands building if you are local or sponsor me through this button below: