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Day 2: Without Shoes #b4t

 What would you consider adequate footwear? I bet when you walk outside and head to your vehicle you don’t realize the ground is cold and rough? That your feet are warm and cozy for the most part. You are not ashamed that your last pair of “shoes” are embarrassing but you go without so your children don’t have too. That the shoes you have more holes then a Swiss cheese block.

I gave my shoes up for 10 days find out why here and here.

 My thoughts on how my first day went… Well, How can one describe in words. First let’s just say all of my heat escapes through my feet. I have not shivered this much unless its below zero and I am in the snow for long periods of time. Once your feet are cold it’s like they refuse to allow heat into your body. And since I am doing this challenge I decided to live my normal routine.

We dropped Mac off to school, without shoes. I went to stores, a friends for coffee, office without shoes. I wanted to really have the experiences of what it is like. I am cold, my feet don’t hurt but I can imagine they will eventually. Some stores floors are in a word: DIRTY! I guess I have never watched where I walk so much… More on my trials & journey tomorrow…!