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Thunder in the Streets, NY

Nothing beats a nice sunny day out with some vintage, hot rods! I am so glad my son appreciates events like this because it really has become a family event!

The smell of old cars, look, feel and how they photograph, nothing really like them. Probably why so many people refinish and rebuild old cars. After works and months of hard work they can then show them off to the public eye.

Then we headed to the motorcycle show. 

The Anti-street team show.

Their motto is:

Anti Team believes that riding should be all about fun and remain stress free”.

It is a high packed show of wheelies, tricks, burn outs and more.

Look how talented they are? 

Did I mention this show was a free event in downtown Jamestown NY?

People from all over crammed around hay bails to see these awesome trick riders preform.

Yeah this sort of stuff has a big place in my heart.

Let’s face it how many of you can do this?


Anyone? Without messing up as crowds of people watch??

After watching we ALL felt Bad-A$$!

The best part they loved Mac and were just a group of friendly riders. So the saying still goes you should never judge a book by its cover or people by their hobbies & talents! Check them out and see if they are hitting up your town for a show, its worth it! Thanks Anti Team!