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Legoland Discovery Center, NY

We were invited out to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester near NYC. This location is within a walking outlet mall. It houses stores such as H&M, Children’s Place, Gap, Gap kids etc. and the parking is only $3! This center is ideal for children aged 3-10 years, although children under the age of 2 are FREE. Tickets are priced around $16.50 each.

We were rather excited to
go because my five year old has just started to LOVE Lego sets. I was
hoping this would encourage him to build and create more on his own
rather then follow the directions.

The first stop was a family photo and waiting on the “Doctor”. 

This was about a 2-3 minute wait time.

Once inside we met a “Doctor” who showed the kids a interactive way of how Lego pieces are constructed. The children took turns helping melt, shape and create pieces. I really enjoy this educational room and Mac loved helping out!

After the Doctor room we had to ride a shuttle around and save a Lego princess from trolls. Notice I do not have a picture of this because Mac cried. He was scared by the dragon & troll sounds. Plus it was dark gloomy and not so younger kid friendly. I have to say I would have skipped that all together! 

Then we entered the NYC room.

They have NYC on display build and animated with Legos. This was just breathless, photos cannot even capture the art and time in must have taken to create these structures!

Mac love “Lady Liberty” as he calls her the most.

Then came the huge room of the Discover Center. They have several staged creations for you to stop and take a photo. I appreciate this because often times I do forget to take photos when you are in the moment. 

Plus, they were made out of Legos!

We stopped by the “buid a car” booth and created a fun vehicle. At first there was no wheels to get started with but the staff quickly found some for us to start building with. Her is Mac & Grandmas creations to then race down a track. You can also keep your creations for a price if you want.

Moving on we visited the Magic wizard ride, in which Mac was SUPER excited about. He was hoping for some Harry Potter Legos but they are discontinued.

They also have for purchase ($5) a Stamp packet. 

This is what it looks like above.

As you walk through the building locate these “Stamp stations” and stamp your cards. At the end of you visit you are rewarded with a special trinket.

I also wanted to mention the bathrooms because well this is a review and we had to use them. Thsi location was SUPER clean and I just LOVED the door art!

I mean who wouldn’t want to walk into this awesome bathroom?

What we loved: Lego history, Lego building stations, Lego statues

What we could have lived without: Dragon sounds in the beginning, HUGE playground you cannot see in to watch your child & it takes up the entire middle area making walking to activities & it has nothing to do with Legos.

Mac (5yr old) Rating: *

My Rating: *