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Simple Soy Milk Smoothie

Simple Soy Milk Smoothie

I wish I loved the consistency of smoothies. I do not yet here I am trying to eat better by creating a simple Soy Milk Smoothie. When I make smoothies I prefer a lumpier or more crushed ice texture. having said that you could easily make this and blend it watery. I added what I had in my fridge you could of course add or subtract any of these items.

1/2 cup Soy Chocolate Milk

2-3 Strawberries

1 spoon of Peanut butter

1 ripe banana

Crushed Ice

Soy Milk Smoothie

Put everything into a blender…… blend….BLEND. try this Simple Soy Milk Smoothie out and let us how you like it. I have a TON of recipes on this website check them out please.