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Chocolate FX , Canada

We were recently in Canada for a short getaway. I ordered our trip through Groupon and scored a tour plus treats at a local Chocolate Factory. Chocolate FX was a short jaunt from Niagara falls and something we had never done before. I must say if you are using a GPS to get there I suggest asking a friendly Canadian because our GPS kept loosing signal and a 10 minute trip turned into a hour ride. We just pulled over looked at some scenery and regrouped! Sometimes getting there is half the fun!

The Chocolate FX has won a Trip Advisor Award which I am proud to say is well deserved. The staff is VERY hospitable and not because they get paid! They were so very nice to Mac are youngest member of the tour that day. Each worker showed him their task and really made him feel special. Nothing melts my heart like Chocolate and treating kids properly! 

The nice ladies explained how chocolate comes in the factory. How they make certain items they sell. McLachlan even got to help aid in the tour story line which had all of us tourEEs laughing and carrying on. I will say a nice “French” lady even made him his own Sugar free lollipop!

In turn he impressed her by saying “Merci”! 

I also wanted to chat about this Dutch goddess! She comes in because she wants too! Helping with kid parties and all sorts of chocolate makings. I have to say I wish when I turn 30 something, like her I have as much wit and energy to fly around my work area like that! 

Overall we gave this tour and samplings a solid 4 out of 5 stars! I took off one star because it would have been nice to actually go in the factory BUT I understand for Health reasons why we shouldn’t. 

Our FREE “treats”, the BEST chocolate cover strawberries you ever tasted.

They really do MELT in your mouth!