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Buffalo Museum of Science, NY

Review of Buffalo Museum of Science~ We had a chance to check out this place and wanted to give you our thoughts and feelings. We started off in the Vertebrate evolution wing.

 You can trace the lineages of vertebrate evolution from the earliest animals. These are all housed in glass cases and are preserved extremely well.

The 10-foot tall Mastodon, Seymour and Stanley the 16-foot long Albertosaurus!

These bad boys were HUGE!! 

New Artifacts wing.

 I have to say this for us was the least appealing… 

The dinosaur bones where amazing I love seeing these kinds of displays.

You just get a feeling of how big they really were. 

Health Science area : An interactive approach to health.

 You can explore the most recent advances in medical technology. 

Mac decided to put a Skeleton together. 

They had several interactive, kid oriented stations to stop and play around with. 

Bug Works features all kind of bugs that creep, crawl and fly and their place and purpose in our ecosystem.

We enjoyed the Bees and butterflies!! 

We even build cars and then raced them on tracks.

 I have to say it is a great place to take children!

Over all I loved how clean and airy the Museum was. I could have eating of the floor clean! I will say it was a bit disappointing the Mummy exhibit was not in yet because we were unaware of that before we purchased our tickets. That was a bummer! This is great for kids 2 and up! The price of the tickets would be my only complaint. I enjoyed myself and would probably bring Mac again but the price was rather steep. 

My rating overall was 4out of 5 stars.