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~Mommy Monday~

I share about my projects, crafts and fun times with my son, Mclachlan. I can’t say I am the perfect parent, in fact, far from it but at times I feel my readers only see the good sides. I get asked all the time: Do we have bad days? Does my son drive me crazy, sometimes? Am I the mother in a store whose child is pulling things off the shelf screaming “I want a Cookie”? Or “I don’t WANNA go to bed?” Ha, to even think we don’t have those moments, you are to kind! Yes, in fact I decided to start a “Mommy Diaries” series of these such moments. Why? To help other parents realize we are in this together. Also, to laugh about it. If we can’t smile & laugh at the bad as well as the good, things will just remain tense. I am not perfect BUT no one loves my son as much as I do. Nope, not you, you or even you! So although your advice, comments and remarks are heard excuse me while I not except them. I do what I feel is right and sometimes my parenting doesn’t work…so sit back and read about it

Yesterday was BLOODY horrible (Excuse the UK term, thank the show “Sherlock“)! I bombed TWO of my school tests (I attend college, yes) which is a first. Mac managed to smash and shatter glass condiments. A gift for me to clean up on my hands and knees, lovely. 

Today I was determined not to repeat yesterday.

Got up…Check

Made them breakfast… Check

Allowed TV time & Mommy resting time… Check.

Then the dreaded 9am comes. Suddenly it is like WW1 in here. Seriously, the front lines have been invaded because the dog spotted our neighbors leaving for work. Can we say noisy neighbors?

There is my dog yelping at them as they brush off their cars through my dining room window. Mac who should be eating is enjoying this episode of

Me: “No, Hunter”,

Dog: “Bark, bark, barrrk”.

Neighbors: Mean stares!

Mac: “Mom isn’t this funny?”

I let down the curtains, thinking the dog will not see them. Two seconds later my dog is behind the curtains, my son joins in. The neighbors aren’t impressed and yell some choice words, I can’t make out because the window is closed? Can’t you see that?

They leave, I allow my son and dog to continue standing, watching and barking.

“Honor thy neighbor”, right? And my test said I didn’t know what cultural apologetics meant, Ha!