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How to: Take a small child to an Aquarium

There are a few tips and tricks I would like to share on

How to: Take a small child to an Aquarium:

1. Before you look around (and after your purchase tickets) use the restroom. Often times children get so excited they will go in their pants. Not such a nice time for us parents who have to clean that mess up so use the bathroom first!

2. Grab a schedule of feeding & show times. These are a great educational & entertaining treat for kiddos. I try to hit up as many as we can. Sometimes they will even post daily schedule on their website you can go ahead of time and plan.

3. Take time for photos both “staged” and natural. These are what they will see if they don’t remember trips when they are older. 

Ok, I just threw these photos in here because they are so darn cute!

I suppose I could also mention you can sometimes score ticket deals on Groupon or Livingsocial.

We purchased our One year Family pass for the cost of one visit!! 

4. Try to schedule a time in between naps and keep them well fed and hydrated. Aquariums get busy and you don’t want a cranky little one. I suggest packing a picnic bag with snacks and drinks. Often times they have places for you to sit and eat. They sell food of course but it usually is on the expensive side. I hope these will help you on your toddler travels!