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Taking a small one to a Home & Garden Show

If you follow us on Instagram you may have seen we skipped school on Friday and took a field trip. I am not advocating children should skip school but every now and again I like to take him to educational things we both enjoy. As he gets older he has taken an interest in things. One of those things is helping in the garden. At first I thought this was something every small child likes to do but turns out he’s a little chef and gardener in training! YES!!!

We made our way to the Home Show in Buffalo NY.

Some tips if you are taking a small child to a convention.

Always prepare with plenty of easy snacks, juices and fun car activities. Being in a big city with lots of drivers and your four year old asking a ton of questions, crying or overall being distracting is NOT highly on my recommendation list. You can pretty much avoid all of those if you plan ahead. We used the “Valet” service and ushered ourselves by some friendly police on horses. I have to say they were super nice and even let Mac pet their horses. Some nice gentlemen offered us two free tickets as we walked in so the show ended up being FREE….Score! 

I think we both enjoyed the Gardening section full of lawn décor and ornaments. I was really hoping they would have plants, seeds but it’s Western New York with snow on the ground. He loved these neat glass bird feeders made by The Shabby Garden. 

Then we saw these very skillful metal statues and works of art. He just got right n=down and wanted a photo with this T-Rex. Now, I could have gotten mad, maybe told him the floor was dirty but he was so darn cute! Sometimes we all need to just get down and takes some photos. 

He even pointed out some sewing machines that work without human assistance. I have to say these were right out of a Harry Potter movie. They were just a trucking away on some sewing projects all by themselves. He was excited and mesmerized just like me.

Our last stop was a cute little garden stand. This is for those who don’t want to bend over and weed. These neat boxes also keep out animals and are a great thing for companion gardening. I thought about purchasing one but lugging that box around the Convention Center outweighed that idea.

All in all we had fun together. I was a bit disappointed is was full of sales people for your home rather then quality ideas and things to purchase. But conventions are still neat and we scored a full bag of FREE goodies for our home. Including a new Shower head, sealing of window treatments, new faucets, cups, magnets even free popcorn!