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Sledding with Kids

 Ps. 127:1-5 – “children are a gift of the Lord”. Being a parent isn’t always easy. Boy, when you read verses and articles about how wonderful children are. . . do they also advertise how hard it is to be a parent? After working long hours, having little to no sleep, busy running around, stressed out, the last thing you want to do is “something fun”. But on days like this, I remind myself why I DO, do something fun with my kiddo. These moments make or break a child’s life. He will remember these small sacrifices. I don’t have snow pants ( I suggest you buy some now, they are on sale).

Make a path for children to succeed. Just like a hill to sled down. Once you go down a few times the hill will be perfect. If you pave the way for a child to be happy then they will be. 

Small children need some encouragement before they will go down on their own. This was the case with Mac, which I was rather surprised. 

He usually is up for anything.  

I didn’t bring a lot of adult clothing to prevent being soaked and cold but that’s ok.

Once you start sledding down a hill you just become numb.

Then when you are starting to have fun your little ones will go down and not need you anymore.

Over and over again, up and down the hill. 

Next time I will bring more sleds because it was so much fun!

I think we forget how to have fun as adults, To laugh. To play.

These things really help your health and attitudes. I know I felt better after sledding because I wasn’t focused on stress anymore.

And your kids will thank you!!