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Grow Jamestown Show

 I attended the Grow Jamestown Show on Saturday! Boy am I glad I did. So many people were there and it was kind of exciting since snow still blankets our ground.

They handed out fun reusable bags, gave demonstrations and hosted seminars!

I promised to take a pic of this BATTERY powered lawn mower which has a bunch of cool “green” features. In retune I scored a free reusable bag…sweet deal on my part.

TheSecret Garden Flower shop (You can visit them here) had a very nice table.

They are located 79 Allen street in Jamestown NY.

Grow Jamestown ‘s table was AWESOME! They gave away seeds.

I was fortunate to grab radish, cukes (anyone know what that is?) peas and sunflowers.

Chautauqua Oppurtunities had a nice booth.

They offered some leek soup..I passed

Humane Society was there in style.

They are “turning our carbon footprint into a green paw print”. Locally grown catnip, recycling and using proceeds to help our animals gain homes, medical needs and have microchips.

I loved the Resource Table full of ideas created by residents. Truly special!

So many had education things, photos and FREE seeds!

The Chautauqua Watershed really caught my attention! They have “adopt an animal” program. With this you can gain a story, photo and stuffy for $25 ( if you are interested head here.).

I think Mac would love to do this! They even have adopt a Great Blue Heron!!

Foster Services in need of Families.

I have always thought this was such a great program!

CCHN had a really neat booth and some friendly ladies!

They didn’t mind a photo opp! They were raising awareness to those on public assistance you can use your money towards purchasing seeds. I LOVE this idea!!

My last Stop was to Mike’s Nursery. They are just a great group of guys. Plus to top it off they handed out Free Tomato plants. Got to love that!!

I had so much fun learning, chatting and swapping gardening stories. It just made me want to melt the snow in my yard, unfreeze the ground and get planting!! Anyone else ready for gardening season? How are your seeds coming, anyone already planted their gardens, if so lucky ducks!


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  1. Unknown
    March 25, 2014 / 12:49 pm

    Cukes = Cucumbers! I labeled those packets… must be a regional (upstate) term. Sorry for the confusion! 🙂