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Wine Trail Northeast, NY

What can you do on a WNY winter Saturday when your child has gone to doggy boot camp? Grab some friends and hit the Wine trail! We decided to hit the Lake Erie trail this weekend.  

First stop was Noble Winery.

This was a winery I had never been too.

I wasn’t sure what to expect… 

Some of the canvas art had glued stones and moss on them…

if you are interest they are on sale and priced at around $495-1495. 

I really enjoyed this beach shore one.

I think I will save my money and make my own version?? 

Looking at Art just makes you giggle and laugh.

This was a great place to joke around. 

I really enjoyed this photograph! It is a decaying fish on the beach but the photography knew what they were doing because you can’t really tell at first… right?

What do you think? Would you buy this?

Creepy or cool? 

I wish the wine here was as good as the art.

But we skipped out and went to a few more wineries. 

We ended at The Blue Iris Winery.

I just reviewed them not too long ago, check it out here.

But, last time I didn’t take advantage of their Photo Booth. 

What’s a bunch of girls going to do with photo props after tasted several wines going to do?

Have a “Bro-pic” 

When I got home this shot was on my camera. I don’t remember this being taken but clearly I participated… just for fun I thought I’d throw it in too!