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Day 5 & 6: What do they serve in school lunches?

If you are new to my blog, find out why I gave my debit card and coupons up for
10 days here. I have squeezed the weekend up here because it wasn’t all that eventful in the food department. We did fall off the bandwagon but have since gotten on track.

I did calculate that in… after much hemming and hawing about it. 

This weekend I found this blog FedupwithLunch and it really showed some insight to what I had long suspected. School lunches are not, at best, “healthy”. I know this because my son had a sugar packed cupcake today. He has a medical condition causing his body to not break down sugar properly, this causes him to be extremely constipated and unable to go number two no matter what you give him. The school is aware of this and it is why I pack his snack everyday. And yet today, a holiday they served him a sugary cupcake. I do not think this is a good idea for any 4 year old to have a “cupcake” at 2:30pm, let alone mine! Call me crazy but they would bounce off the walls, not something you want when you get home from a days work. He is only in Pre-K, I can’t imagine what they serve kids in lunch time if this is what he gets for a snack everyday. And believe you and me he does. Just take a look at this blog written by a teacher who catalogs her school lunches for a whole year. Just see if you would eat any of it, let alone, serve it to your child. I know I wouldn’t and will not be next year. Now, that I have vented onto my daily weigh in:

Sunday break down:

Breakfast was just me and I drank some coffee, I already purchased before heading to church.

So Free!


I was busy Spring cleaning so I made a tuna melt.

Tuna $.69 a can

Mayo $.12

Cheese slice $.15

Total spent: $.96 Cents-Whoop!


See that is the coolest part about living by your friends. We had our Dinner sent over by our friend Tammy. She offered to make us a crockpot meal and we accepted!! Dinner was FREE and this Mom didn’t have to even cook it, Score!


Breakfast was easy Mac had cereal and I had coffee.

Both items we had already purchased!


He had a Soy Chocolate milk $.83

Popcorn in a bag for his school snack $.50

We had Eggs, shredded cheese(I used some from the bag we already bought) and left over potatoes for official lunch which was all free!


We made Taco Salad, Refried beans $.99

Lettuce $.99

Tomatoes we had left over =Free

The rest of the shredded cheese bag

Sour Cream $.89

Dessert I whipped up a batch of St. Patty Cupcakes

Cake Mix $.89

Frosting was Free

Total Spent: $7.01

Spent so far in this challenge= $34.55


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  1. Jina
    March 18, 2014 / 9:00 am

    It's really best if we are the ones who prepare our kids meal. Is thee an opt out option for school meals?