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DAY 3 & 4: Children get denied school lunches?

Welcome to Day 3 & 4 of my challenge. If you are new to my blog find out why I gave my debit card and coupons up for 10 days here.

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Have you read about the School in Utah actually taking lunches away from students who had an over due lunch balance and tossing them into the garbage? Yes, the children were sent home with past due notices but when they came in for lunch they went through the line, only to have their lunch taken and thrown out. Thrown out because the school has a no “serve twice” policy. This school would rather throw 40 lunches away then give them to the children. Does this sound right to you? Check out the full article here. Now I found this appalling but my first reaction “this is wrong on so many levels”! My second gut reaction was “why punish the children”, was there not a lunch lady who thought this was wrong? My third thought was glad that only happens in Utah.

OH, how I was SOOOOOO wrong. No, folks it happens ALL over. If a parent fails to pay a child’s lunch bill they will be given fruit and milk. Some schools do not offer that instead the teachers, out of their own pockets, make the student lunches. Now, I know some can gain assistance and have free lunches but shouldn’t every child? I don’t care if you live on Mansion drive or on Ghetto Blvd. I think all children should gain a lunch during school hours FOR FREE. Just saying….Thoughts anyone??

One reason I mention this, during my challenge, was The Salvation Army pays student lunch balances. Even in my town, so this does not happen to children. How many of you knew that? I have to say I didn’t even know this went on so I am glad someone helps kids out because I was clueless. Unsung hero in my book!

On to today’s weigh in:

Breakfast Day3: Eggs=Free

Lunch: PBJ sandwich & Fish crackers

Dinner: Ok, so this is where things get hinky! It is Friday Fun day, Whilst I was sending a meal to a family from our church (because they just had a baby) they were off eating at a restaurant. 

I was brought back some Sushi…?

Total for Day 3 was $13.81

* Day 4 I am going to be honest, We didn’t follow the rules. Not because I am trying to cheat but to be honest, I didn’t keep track…

Spent so far in this challenge= $31.35


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  1. Gretchen K
    March 17, 2014 / 2:03 pm

    I can't imagine how the children feel being they can't eat, they are surely pointed out among their peers and to add to it all the rest of the day is not fill of energy and is again taken out on them for ill functioning due to no nutrition half way thru the day…
    Though parents don't realize it I Think every one should apply for assistance with lunch for kids in schools. Price is up to $2 something and more then you think can fit a bracket to pay less. Some are free some pay 25 cents or other lower amounts.