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Day 2: A Place at the Table

Have you ever seen this movie on Netflix? I encourage you to watch this documentary called

 “A Place At The Table”, it is very powerful.

“50 million people in the U.S.-one in four children-don’t know where their next meal is coming from, despite our having the means to provide nutritious, affordable food for all Americans”.

Why am I bring this up? Well, we have great organizations like the Salvation Army for a reason. They see a person in need and help out. I may not see the need personally. Ever person I meet, I don’t first ask, if they are hungry. I will say, the select group of families & friends, we do associate with, will tell you that I never let them go hungry. I am a beacon for food. My house has been stapled “grand central” for this reason. People are always coming or going with food on plates or in take-out containers. Why? I love to cook, always have. Most people rarely get home cooking because I guess fast food is easier? Now I am in my late twenties and I have friends who have never boiled water, they do not know how to start a fire nor make a meal from scratch.

 I think our society needs to step back and step up!

If we are not teaching our young ones How to cook, What is healthy, how to manage your money to buy food and essentials who is?

Today’s weigh in:

Breakfast was easy:

Eggs= Free

Toast=$.99 a loaf

Jelly= Free gift from a wedding reception

Cereal=We used the box already purchased

Mom’s beloved coffee= Purchased already 🙂

Total Spent= $.99

Lunch was a bit more challenging:

Half of a PBJ=using all items we already purchased

Mac snack for school:

Soy Chocolate milk $.83

Fruit cup $.49

Total spent: $1.32

 Dinner was Spaghetti:

Pasta $.89 a box, we only used maybe a 1/4

Pasta sauce $1 from Tops

French bread we had frozen from last week was an unexpected two extra loaves. I consider this Free since it was left overs from last week. I also used some chopped garlic and butter to add flavor.

Mushrooms= we bought already.

Total Spent: $1.89

Total spent today= $4.20

Spent so far in this challenge= $17.54