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New York Strip Steak Recipe

I just love cooking or grilling New York Strip steaks. There is so many different ways to cook them that I could easily make an entire website on all the ways. This one is a super easy recipe to make yet the New York Strip Steak recipe is delicious.

NY Strip Steak Recipe

What you will need to make this New York Strip Steak Recipe:

What you will need:

Steak Sauce (you can use any)

Caribbean Jerk Marinade

Mushrooms (optional)

Non-Stick Earth Pan from Ozeri (this is awesome because nothing sticks to the pan, easy clean up)

NY Strip steaks

Wine or Beer

NY Strip Steak plated

I take the steaks and tenderize them by stabbing them with a knife or fork. I enlisted the help of my son who is a trusty lil chef. Mix the sauces into you pan. The add your beverage into the mix. I like the marinades to cover the bottom of the pan. Then chop the mushrooms and place into the pan. Then I place the steaks in and cook to order. Nothing beats Caribbean jerk and steak sauce combined! Well, if it does I haven’t tasted it yet because whoopee is it good!

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