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Disneyside Party

**I received free products in order to host the Disney Side Home Celebration, The opinions expressed here are my own”.

Over the weekend I hosted my +Disney Celebration (Disney Side) Party. So in true Blogger fashion I thought I would share my creative ideas with all of you in case you throw a children’s party.

Fruit is such a great little kid food. Easy to “make”, clean up and it’s healthy!!

I used cookie cutters to make the “Mickey” faces!

I (ok, really my trusty friend Tammy who was a rock star and helped me setup) gave all the snack foods (all sugar free) fun Disney names! The kids loved this and I think that’s why they literally ATTACKED this table when I said food was ready!

Nemo Jello anyone??

No really anyone?

I saw this somewhere and just thought how cute.

Mirror with a Chalk marker, some Mickey ears, beads Vo-la!

Have to say these are My favorite. I may have spend hours into the weee night making them the night before but they were so worth it! Super easy to make any shaky hand can do thins I promise ;).

You can use any cake mix, whip frosting and a gel tube.

I found this shell dish at a thrift store!

Just gave it a good clean, popcorn, props and it looks like I plucked it from The Little Mermaid!

We had so many cute princesses at the party, AWE!

Learn how to make this Pinata here.

This was also so much fun to watch, prolly my favorite Party time!

Punch is so easy to make who know?

Sparkling grape juice and Sherbet!!!

Party Favors, we created a little Disney Coloring book, crayons, crasins and Gold LA blooms!


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  1. K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy
    March 23, 2015 / 7:12 pm

    Love the pinata and thanks for linking to the tutorial. I'm already looking forward to throwing our next Disney Side party which will double as my son's birthday party most likely since he loves Mickey and the gang.