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Day 8 & 9 ~ No coat update

 Day 8: No coat.. Catch up why I’m not wearing a coat  here and here.

I encourage you to watch my video because it really says a lot of what I am thinking right now. But just in case you can’t watch or just would rather read my writings…here we go. I just came from picking up donations my church had collected for my drive. I only spoke at my church for about 30 seconds trying to explain what I was doing and if they would like to donate. But the shear numbers of coats that were donated from that 30 seconds is so humbling and amazing!

I am in awe and really it made today worth going without a coat.

Day 9: Well, we got more snow in WNY. Surprise, surprise I figured the last few days would be the hardest. Walking the dog in the morning has become a custom of mine, now. I used to wear a warm coat and now I haven’t had the pleasure so morning walks can be a bit cold. Especially since I walk him as soon as I get up from bed so the cold weather is a real body SHOCK. What can I say I am so thankful I did this and so thankful I only have one more day of this challenge left!