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Day 3 & 4 No Coat update

This is day 3 & 4 wrapped into one of not having a coat to wear. Why am I not wearing a coat in the middle of winter in Western New York you ask? Check out why here and here.

Is there a word that describes the last two days including today? “Drenched” Is that a real word?

Do you know what that means? I know you may have an idea of what it mean to be rained on, wet, soaked but they made another word to describe it “drenched”. Why do you suppose that? Because when you do not have a coat and it starts to sleet, hail then pour rain for hours at a time “DRENCHED” is the best word to describe it! I’m not trying to complain because I signed up for this but I never really stopped and thought about it before. Of course, I grab an umbrella when I have Mac or a coat (normally) when it’s really cold. But I never realized how awesome that luxury is. Yes, I said LUXURY because when are without you, just look at things in a different light. Here it is 30-40 degrees and I stood outside in the rain waiting. Waiting for traffic, waiting for a restaurant to open, waiting to cross the road, waiting to put Mac in the car…waiting. There was no getting around not having a coat during the elements… it just plain Stinks! I appreciate my coat drive and the ability to own a coat. I don’t think after this you will ever see me without one because it is a privilege I have come to realize I took for granted!

Coats collected so far 5 bags plus the original 11 coats

If you have coats and want to donate you can drop them off at The Gateway Center or email me and I will pick them up! Tie a ribbon on the bag or coats you donate so they know they are for this drive!!Thank you to all who have helped out so far.