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Day 1: No Coat

Day 1: If you have no idea why I am going 10 days without a coat, catch up here. So here is the time I need to weigh in and tell you all what I experienced and learned through this. I can’t say today was “all that” exciting or memorable except I was without, well, a coat. People kind of look at you weird as your cleaning off your truck whilst filming yourself that’s for sure! But then there is a little one who accompanies me around and well thankfully I had the idea to warn him I was going to do this beforehand. So our morning started like so:

Me: Grab your coat Mac.

Mac: You have to wear yours too, Mom.

Me: I cannot, today remember? Mommy is starting…

Mac: Yeah no coats because you gave them to other kids who don’t have ’em.

Me: Well something like that, yes.

We walked out the door without a fuss, win on my end.

Until I walked out the door in 20 but feels like 13 degrees! I know this is not by any means in the negatives but when you don’t have a coat even a few minutes outside is like a brain freeze. Your body just cannot function and you try everything to stay warm including running to the warm truck after you have successfully cleaned it off!

Call that cheating but BURR!

Coats collected thus far = 11



  1. Jaen
    February 18, 2014 / 2:32 pm

    Mac is just soo toughtful.

  2. Battered Hope
    February 18, 2014 / 3:03 pm

    You didn't mention what "area" to drop off the coats. Please inform. Thanks