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Arrowhead, Heritage, Sparkling Ponds & Johnson Estate

We decided to let grandma have Mac and take some friends out to local wineries for wine tasting. It was one of my friends birthdays and what can you do when its rainy, snow on the ground, outside? So we decided to explore the North East since we have never travelled that far before.

We started at Arrowhead Winery.

Some of the best things about wineries are the tasting areas.

They are a fun experience and really help you find wines you like. This winery was very stylish and included a gift shop area with lots of neat little items to purchase. 

Best wine to purchase & try was “Niagara“.

Then we headed to Heritage Winery. They were located directly across the street and a little “off the beaten path”. Down a long country road located in a barn through which you have to pass through a HUGE barrel to get into. We all agree this is the idea atmosphere for a winery. 

Rustic and just like your very own wine cellar in the basement.

They offer “serve your yourself”.  

So Jen and I set our to test the wines!

Hands down we agreed the best wine they had to offer was “Fredonia“. 

Nest stop is one of my FAVORITE wineries! Sparkling Ponds winery not only has good wine, wine slushes, bruschetta mixes they also have AWESOME dips! 

They had this dip up for display and sampling. By far the best dip I have tried!!

So we purchased some after I ate all the samples they had (it was THAT good).  

I wanted to share one of my favorite wines hands down “Woman Pleaser“. I also wanted to mention the wine slushy mixes they have are also up there. They are both under $10! 

Our last stop was Johnson Estate Winery.

We have also gone here before but it was on our ride back into town.

Fun fact we purchased several wine jugs for our wedding in this winery. 

Best wine here. . where to begin, try them all!

By then I think we both felt happy and ready to eat some food.

Happy Birthday Jen! So glad to have adult fun with a great couple.



  1. Unknown
    January 13, 2014 / 4:31 pm

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It looks like you had a great time!


  2. Unknown
    January 13, 2014 / 7:52 pm

    Was nice meeting you all! Hope you enjoyed your time here at Heritage Wine Cellars!!