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Winter Fun for Kids

It’s winter and there is a lot of SNOW here in Western New York. Time to send out the snow babies out and have some fun. Dress your children accordingly. I know that sounds common sense but you would be surprised. I always put a hat on Mac. Better to have no ear infections and be safe then sorry.

He finally used the sleds we picked up at the Auction for FREE! We just made a hill outside our home. He was so excited! Last year he wouldn’t go outside much and this year we can’t keep him in! 

Are your kids snow babies? Do you like snow and cold weather? I have to say I hate cold weather and snow. I just have never been all that found of it. I know I live in some of the coldest climates but what can I say. Nothing beats going out and watching him have fun though! 

Snow man anyone? This was our first one this year.

We used our homegrown carrots even!

Mac was soo proud.

Whether its sliding, sledding, building snow forts or snowmen snow can be so much fun!