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Homemade Christmas Ornament Craft & Gift

Homemade Christmas Ornament Craft/Gift

I scored these amazing ceramic ornaments at Hobby Lobby.

 They were 50% off of the listing price making them around . 74 cents each!

I used washable markers for easy clean up.

Just remember to spray a setting spray if you also use washable markers (hair spray works too). 

Then I let Mac create his master pieces.

I love how he colored the tree ornaments.

Just goes to show how children view things verses how we see things.

This was my ornament he created. I was so proud.

Each one he picked out the colors and created without any help.

 This age is so much fun I must say.

Then he flipped them over and signed the back! 

These are all of his creations once he had finished. What do you think? I love making homemade gifts for others. Not only are they great keepsakes to show him when he gets older but they have meaning and memories attached to each of them. 

My favorite is the Tree. Although I love mine something about his first one really spoke to me. I am not even going to keep it because each one was made with someone in mind. I would ask him who it was for and he would coloring it accordingly. So I hope who ever gets this one as a gift loves it as much as I do ( I know they will :). Easy craft/gift for a total of .74 cents each!!