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Tea Candle DIY gifts

Tea Candle DIY gifts

What you need:

Soy Wax- 1 pound bag(I used soy candle wax I purchased from Michael’s)

Candle Wick’s 

Tea cups ( I purchased mine form a local thrift store watch here).

Pan & Fork

Scents ( I used Mint leaves & Almond extract) 

Heat the Wax in a pan and add your scent. I used my nose to decide how much scent to use really. I used an entire pack of Mint leaves chopped up and drops of almond extract. I also did a cinnamon one that turned out amazing. 

Once heated pour your liquid into your molds or in this case tea cups. I stuck the wick in and used utensils to keep them standing straight up as shown. Let stand overnight. 

To wrap them for a gift you will need:

Clear basket paper

Homemade stickers ( I used Kidecals)


Just wrap the clear paper around the candles.

Tie it up with the ribbon.

Simple, easy, homemade and fun! 


Might I suggest getting help making these. I love making homemade gifts with Mac (see here!).

We have fun doing it and it’s a great gift to give someone. 

He calls them “daily projects” or “crafts“, I call them memories :O)


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  1. Treasure_E_M
    November 29, 2016 / 3:58 pm

    What a lovely Christmas gift idea – DIY gifts always have that extra special touch 🙂 #TwinklyTuesday

    Helen x