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Monday Morning Reflection

Ever have one of those mornings where something just spoils your mood? I swear everything was going great, I woke up feeling refreshed, got things around the house accomplished and then “WAMP”! The reasons for my instant gloomy mood really don’t matter except that I let it get to me. Yes, I allowed this to put me in a mood and I just couldn’t shake it. Ever feel like this? What do you do to get yourself out of a “funk”? I decided to take out my new camera (Panasonic Lumix) and take photos! To be honest this coupled with meeting a friend for lunch turned my WHOLE day back around! Funny how simple pleasures have such a big impact on us both positively and negatively.

As you can see when I first pulled out my camera I was in a real gloomy place. This photo I feel captures it best. Granted I did shoot quite a few. I drive past this field on my way to church every week and I think ” I should photograph” that. It in my opinion is the “forsaken” field. I don’t know why I call it that but it just seems to suite it!

This field is located on a main road, running from New York to Pennsylvania. This happens to also be rather “photogenic” in my eyes. Often, I see one side of the road cloudy, dark while the other side is blue sky and sunny. I am not sure why but it makes for a great back drop…

 if you wait for the cars to pass.

Then I headed into town and stopped at an industrial site I like to photograph. I found this beauty. I was so excited I decided to bundle Mac up and bring him out tomorrow in hopes it’s still here. He would just LOVE to see this! I couldn’t believe it was parked back there.

So I went around and took a few shots. Why not? 

After a good hour or so my feelings of gloom had subsided. I called a friend and we met for lunch. I know we make the choice to let things bother us and only we can truly cheer ourselves up. I am grateful I know the hobbies and things that help with moods like these. I also am glad for my friends who are loyal and true. You may not hear me say it but I appreciate you. Often they tell me how they feel even when I won’t always like what they say. They listen, advise and ask me if they are questioning something. Not many people will do that, they would rather walk away then learn the truth. They will sugar coat things or want you too rather then face the music! So I encourage you, if you are gloomy go out and spend some “you time” it really works and is rewarding!



  1. Courtney
    November 4, 2013 / 12:15 pm

    What gorgeous photos! I too am grateful to have friends and passions that can help take away some of our gloomy moods. Happy Monday!

  2. Michelle Liew
    November 4, 2013 / 12:38 pm

    Gorgeous indeed. There's nothing like getting out there. Just to let you know, my mood lifted after reading this!