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Recipe: BBQ ribs & Homemade fries

**Cookshack sent us this product to review all opinions are humbly our own!

Today I am going to share a little different Recipe. We decided to use a “Cookshack” product that was sent to us. After using this Rib Rub we all agreed this was some of the BEST ribs! They didn’t pay us to say that this is purely all of our collective opinions. 

So what you will need to make the BEST ribs:

CookShack Rib Rub you can check it out here, or a Rib rub

Ribs ( we scored ours on sale at Wegmans, check out meat deals here)

Vegetable oil   

Now before you use a rub and rub I like to slice the ribs or meat * what ever you are adding rub to) with a knife. This will help the spices in the rub to adhere to something. Then I dipped vegetable oil all over the ribs. Kind of messy but the flavor turn out is worth this extra step! 

Then shake the rib rub on. This was the fun step so we let Mac go ahead and dig in. I love showing him how to prep and cook in general. He isn’t old enough to cook on the stove so preparing the food is just as fun and educational. We turn music on (Lindsey Stirling is our favorite right now) & cook!

Rub the Rib Rub in with your hands. Now you can use gloves but I always do it with clean washed hands. Your preference really. I like to really get the rib into every nock and cranny! Then place in your oven for 30 minutes at 360. They should have a nice browned color when done and check to make sure they are not pink inside! 



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  1. Sandra VanHoey
    February 2, 2014 / 9:09 pm

    I am going to have to look for this rub. We don't have a Wegmans and I'm not sure I've ever seen this before but I want to try it.