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How to throw a Pumpkin Party

Yesterday, concluded the 8th annual Pumpkin party in my home. I have to say this year was the BEST turn out to date. I first started this when I purchased my home. I didn’t have children and was single at the time ( with boat loads of extra time on my hands). I saw a need for kids to participate in good wholesome crafty fun and decided to create “holiday” parties. Not to celebrate Halloween but to celebrate a family tradition with my friends and their families. Because let’s face it over the years your friends become your family. The children/parents would not have had the means to have a pumpkin. Back then (and still today) parents couldn’t afford extras like pumpkins and supplies. Since I didn’t have kids, I felt it was my gift to them to set up, host and throw a fun kid party each year. Thus a tradition of these such parties have happened each year! I have to say each year it’s a hit but this year pretty much tops it! So I though I would share in our fun this week But first I have to explain the setting up because that’s half the fun of throwing such a bash!! 

What you will need:

Newspaper or magazines (free!)

paint brushes

paints (we used Crayola Washable Kid’s Paint

curving knives

trash bins

Snacks ( we had UNREAL Candy – Peanut Butter Cups, a HIT!)

The last thing you need for a pumpkin Party is pretty obvious, Pumpkins! And I know you can go and purchase them from a local chain store BUT where is the fun in that? (ok so it’s convenient but I like some adventure). I also believe in purchasing from a local farmer to help them and our community. So, we set out to purchase from our “farm” and wouldn’t ya know, no pumpkins for sale, Boo! Around we drove to different farm land areas looking for someone who was selling pumpkins and we came across this stand in Panama. Pictured above.

I got out with my camera (which I just love) and looked around a bit. Sure enough I knew this was the one! BUT you can’t always throw all your eggs in one basket, I mean you can’t just have pumpkins you have to have PUMPKINS! Kids like big, small and most of all unique pumpkins. Plus we needed more then they had out ready available which meant I had to ask if they had more. 

What krazy blogger asks for more pumpkins? All while taking photos of you, this Girl, ha! She luckily was a good sport and let us parade around tossing pumpkins into our car truck all while taking photos. If you want to host an effective party you will need small pumpkins for painting and big ones for curving. I set up these stations to help everyone have something to do by staying busy having fun. Plus, it helps with clean up!

They even took us back to their barn and let us pick form their secret stash of pumpkins. I think this was because we bought all of the pumpkins out front in their stand but maybe she just liked us. We picked some extra unique ones. They loaded them in their “tractor” and hauled them out front.

You just can’t beat the homestead touch of a road side stand!

Mac found his pumpkin! We all smiled and laughed!

They even let us meet their cows. Just a few words of happiness gets you that personal touch in my opinion. She probably wasn’t expecting this adventure but that’s what we all got. We got to talking about the chickens and my garden. I have to say I should have photographed her garden because it was AWESOME! We thanked her and she in return.

She thanked us for taking pumpkins off her hands!! Win, Win!

Yes, if you are going to throw a party I suggest going out and buying pumpkins! Planning a party is fun if you make it fun! See how our Pumpkin party turned out, I will be posting pictures all week long. Have a great Pumpkin Day!!



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  2. Vanessa Terrell
    October 21, 2013 / 6:29 pm

    Looks like a fun party! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Anonymous
    October 21, 2013 / 6:39 pm

    awesome blog i love pumpkins i wish we had pumpkin farms over here to pick our own!