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Peaches & Pork Chop Recipe

Ever wanted to “sweeten” your Pork chops up form the same old routine recipe?

These Peach Pork chops are just the thing!

What you will need:

Pork chops

Can of peaches

2-3tbsp of Honey


First I open the peaches and pour the juice they came in to a frying pan. Then I place the peaches in a smaller pan and shake some cinnamon on them. Drizzle me honey an let them sit on medium to low heat so they caramelize. 

I cook the pork chops into the peach juice.

I also sprinkle a little cinnamon and honey on to give a sweet flavoring to them. 

This dish is a great mouth watering alternative to regular pork chops.

I love taking everyday items n my kitchen and spicing them up for my family.

Plus, it’s quick easy and tastes so good!!