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Gatlinburg TN travels

So we traveled down to The Smoky Mountains if you didn’t know or haven’t guessed. I asked last week if anyone wanted our tips and tricks on how to go on vacation for cheap or FREE. So here are a few things to help you out. On the way it was hard to “make” food. The lunch I made beforehand is currently still in our fridge at home. So we had to stop. The drinks pictured are ones from my cooler we lugged from home so they were FREE. McDonald’s White egg sandwich was FREE from a coupon we won at the baseball game we took Mac to last week. So we spent a total of $3.19 for two burritos and a strawberry parfait. Not bad at all!

Mac ate the parfait and his organic snacks we packed in the car. 

For gas we used our NEW gas rewards cards. We scored two .10 cents off a gallon from BP for both of us signing up. We will save .5 cents a gallon off from Sheetz and .3 cents from Shell just for signing up for FREE rewards cards you can find them at the pump or ask! 

For “fun money” I rolled all of our coins we keep in a jar. We have done this for every trip. We just save our coins, how simple is that? Now we have been taking lots of trips so we hadn’t saved a lot up but this was $47 right there!! That’s a lot of money when you are looking at touristy town price tags! We will need to save our coins and dollar bills for our next trip…Disney…AHHH!

We used some of our rolled “Fun money” and took Mac on the Ober Gatlinburg. We were a little scared he would freak out. But turns out he loved it. I love this “ride” for a couple reasons. First it’s only $12 a person, he was FREE. Second you can ride all day for 2 days with your ticket purchase.

Third it takes you up the mountain! Forth at the top it has attractions, rides, games, shops and a black bear reserve. However, if you are deathly afraid of heights I would not recommend.  

We took advantage of some FREE fun on our first day.

 I enjoyed a FREE tasting of some wine. 

We also walked around Gatlinburg and enjoy the shops, boutiques and southern flare. Including one of my favorite places, Donut Friar. This place not only makes amazing delicacies including baklava but they are priced extremely cheap. I purchased cookies for .45 cents each (soft batch just made, YUM) and some Cinnamon Bread for tomorrows breakfast all for $5 total!

We also decided to take advantage of our hotels swimming pool. This pool was/is awesome. A total perk I was not expecting and love having indoor pools just for convenience, a great extra. This pool will forever have a place in our hearts because Mac learned how to swim on his own here. OK, not totally alone but it’s the first time we have let go in the water.

He was so proud of himself! I think we will have to take a dip everyday after a long day of fun here. And it’s totally FREE. Just a quick tip too we brought the life vest ( I purchased brand new at a lawn sale with Cindy this year for $5), floaters brand new in a auction lot box I resold so FREE, Goggles in a Dollar General summer clearance .19 cents!! Peace out girl scouts we are off to the Smoky Mountains for more adventures today.