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Campfire Grill Restaurant


Hello cowboys n gals! How ya’ll doin’? Ha yes we have been out in the thick deep backwoods of the Smoky Mountains. Yesterday, we ventured out to Cades Cove stables and took a hay ride with Mac. He was so thrilled to pet the horses and take a tour up the mountain.

These hay rides were a bit on the pricey side at $10 a person and he WASN’T Free. But I have to say I would do it again! They include a campfire on the mountains and the luxury of roasting marshmallows!! Our friend Tina, should have come with us because we had tons of marshmallows left, but she’s home watching our chickens!

Then we stopped into one of our favorite places. We first were introduced to this restaurant when it first opened around last July. Because it was a new restaurant I was hoping it would still be around because the food left an AMAZING impression! Let me tell you that queso sauce has been on my mind for the last year, no joke! It is called the Campfire Grill.

To say they have good food is such an understatement. He has homemade food at it’s finest. With prices that will melt your heart and save on your wallet!

Our lunch today consisted of two Santa fe hot dogs (with all the fixings), Quesadilla burrito, Chips, salsa, Queso, potato chips and sour cream. All for $14!! How can you beat those prices? I am pretty sure the most expensive item is around $5-6.  

Yes I will say this restaurant is kid tested and Mom approved! Mac loved his food so much he asked  us to keep his left overs. That only happens at home in my kitchen! I also hear he has released fish tacos and soon campfire fish fry. Which we will have to try tomorrow if available. We love this place and on our Honeymoon last year we literally ate here everyday because no order is the same with ton of choices. If you are in the area or on vacation in TN this is a must see, must have, stop with out a doubt!! You can check them out here, these photos will make you want to try it alone! Just another stop on our vacation, we will check in with you all later on!!