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How to $ave Money on Vacations

 Bet you thought I would slack today (since we are on the road) and I would forget about you whilst I was on vacation. Well you are wrong! I have a whole weeks worth of great trip tricks, tips and advice on how we save money to travel around the United States for cheap or FREE! Would you like that? So first up, check out, some of the many trips we have taken this year. We started the year off with a BANG and scored an amazing trip for Katie’s birthday, along with friends, check that out here. For my birthday we went back to Canada to celebrate with a luxury package, which included breakfast in bed! You can check that outhere. Then as a family we took a weeks long vacation down to Myrtle Beach. If you would like to see what package I purchased and how, check that out here

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This trip was a much anticipated one. We went to the Smoky Mountains on our Honeymoon and loved it so much we wished we had take Mac with us. So I scanned, searched and found a deal finally. I booked our deal on Groupon again since we have had such a great experience. This time our deal included a 5 day, 4 night stay totaling $123 for the week.

The package included:

Onsite dining

Indoor pool with jacuzzi and waterfall

Outdoor pool

Putting green

Complimentary WiFi

On our Honeymoon we rented a Timeshare on Ebay. These are great options for a lot of reasons.

First: if you search Timeshare rentals on Ebay, shop around. Read the fine print!

Second: If you can’t find a good deal in the times you want search Groupon and Livingsocial.

Third: Planning ahead really helps and gives you the best deals more times then not!

Once you find a great deal then you have to plan other areas of your trip to help save money! Food is a HUGE expense and you really need to try and use your money on “Fun” things rater then needs. Because that’s what Vacation is all about, splurging on wants rather then focusing on needs. In doing this we take along our food for the most part with us. Why? I coupon and everything you see was cheap or FREE! And because Mac is on such a strict diet that we really need to cart his snacks and food with us. This ensures no medical problems whilst on a trip. So this was all of the food we are taking along this time.


It all fit! Look at that, not bad if I do say so myself. If you have never taken food along with you think of all the money you would save? You don’t have to take all of your meals but snacks and drinks alone save so much. This ensures you don’t overspend on gas station junk!


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