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$ave Money on attractions in Gatlinburg TN

Last trip we took to Gatlinburg was on our honeymoon and since I didn’t blog back then I thought I would share some great ways to save on attractions and trip ideas. I also have some for Myrtle beach if you are interested in the as well here. We chose to do the FREE “Beer, Wine and Shine tour”. You simply take this fun card to each brewery, winery and moonshine place, have a drink and score a FREE T-shirt once completed. Keep in mind we did this on our Honeymoon when Mac was NOT with us and it was all FREE. 

I was so proud of myself because I am not big on drinking. But I wanted a T-shirt. Then I realized you had to mix all of these drinks because each place serves different types of alcohol. It was so much fun and each location gave you a FREE gift as well as a free tasting. We even caught a Banjo concert in a courtyard whilst drinking moonshine. All for FREE! 

Yes, I completed all of the tasks and my stomach held up nicely. I am usually a snob when it comes to wine because our local wineries usually win hands down over others I have tried. But the wineries in Gatlinburg gave them a run for their money!!

 I will be bringing some back this time to share with my fellow Winos!!

Another great way to save money is use FREE transportation when available. These awesome public “buses” run up and down the city of Gatlinburg and let you off wherever, whenever you want to go. All for FREE. Again something we took advantage of when we were on our honeymoon and probably will again when we are settled into our hotel. 

I will say there is A LOT of tourist attractions by the Smoky Mountains. We tried a couple and were VERY disappointed. Why spend so much money on fake fun? So we finally found our niche and tried tubing out. For $8 a day we sat on tubs and cruised down the river. We went down got bused back upstream and when down again. This was a FULL day of fun for $8!! I can’t wait to take Mac tubing with his new Shark swim trunks.

Another great tip I would give you is explore. We found so many sites and great adventures to take part in whilst in town. I hope to find a tons more with Mac. Stay tuned as we explore, tube and shine around Gatlinburg. TN.