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Beach time & Small kids

Us Western New Yorkers really have it made! Oh my did I just say that..? Well, we do, we get four seasons (with the weather to prove it), beaches, ski lodges, four wheeling, fishing, wine trails you name it! How many of you can jump in your car and be to a beach i20 minutes or less? Or 15-20 minutes to a ski resort? Wine trail? Exactly, I may not like the endless “S” word we gather on our lawns over October-May 24th but I do enjoy the perks of living here.

Do you take your children swimming or to the beach? This was the first year our son would even go in the water let along want to swim and play around in it. Is that normal? When I was younger I loved the water, I’m pretty sure I had a “mermaid” tail. But not Mac he has been petrified from day 1. So to help ease him into it this year we purchase a life vest (in yellow of course ;). This handy little yard sale find (for $5 new) has become a awesome life line. 

He wears it with pride and gusto! So if your little one is worried or unsure about the water please don’t just throw them in the water. I have seen parents do that (including my own) and if you want to scare a child I’d advice to not do such a dramatic thing. Imagine if you couldn’t fly and someone threw you off a cliff would you be scared? People think how silly but taking a few extra seconds or attempts to ease a small child to enjoy and love the water is really beneficial and a bonding experience. He or she will look to you as their protector and a bond of trust will develop between you. Trust me the day will come when they won’t “need or “want” you anymore so cherish the younger years whilst you have them. Someday you’ll look back and be glad you did! 

Another cliché thing to do is participate in building a sand castle.

Yes, I said participate, I know all you want is five second of peace and quiet from “Mom, Hey Mom”. But if you give them lots of positive attention, negative tantrums will be in smaller appearances in your trips. Try it? What do you have to lose? 

Look at how much fun and how creative you can be. Little ones can help, build, explore, create, imagine, learn all form this experience they shared with you. Something so simple like building a sand castle can really be a memory!

Have you ever built a sandcastle?

Any tips on how to train your little one to swim??

I’d love to hear about them.