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Luke Conard & Landon Austin in Concert

Peabody’s Concert Club what can I say, it’s in Cleveland. I had tickets to see this new up and coming musicians I follow on Youtube. I have never been here and was SUPER excited. Some of the best things come from up and coming artists. Number one: their concert tickets are CHEAP ($10)! Number two: you get to see them, talk and have them sign

stuff before they hit big without paying extra!! 

I can say This place was not what I was expecting at all. It is in a interesting location (Peabody’s) and would not open until 6:30 when the show was suppose to start. Standing outside in the hot elements for a half and hour to then go inside where there is no air conditioning….

To say it was hot and sweaty would be a understatement.

Holy Hotness! Good thing the musicians delivered!

Above is Luke Conard & Landon Austin. 

Luke has a CD coming out called Summer Love.

You can checkout some of his songs released from it here.

I helped fund this by purchasing a T-shirt and a Luke pack including his CD once released before the concert. I know this sounds silly but when you are trying to start from the bottom and climb to the top every little pit help. I once had the same chance with a well known artist a few years back. Anyone ever heard of Taylor Swift? It’s nice to know that you have helped someone achieve a dream and met them when they are almost there!

Of course, I had to meet them and have a photo taken with them!!

They are musicians touring and will be going to over a hundred locations for this tour.

But just like us they are everyday people.

Some fans walked right by them without even realizing who they were. 

We bought Luke & Landon a water! No really! After they sang the girls flocked to them like flies on sticky tape. Once another band set started to play they were alone and the Momma Grizzly in me kicked in. They need water and to rehydrate. Luke may have felt he didn’t do his songs justice but I disagree. On a tour as big as this one you wouldn’t want to waste your voice on the third show. So if you haven’t already, please check these guys out and watch a music Youtube video of theirs or two!

Luck Conard channel here

Landon Austin Channel here

Alext Goot Channel here

And because I love you viewers here is one of my favorite songs by them called “Superhero”, an original Song by them: 


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  1. Sarah
    July 22, 2013 / 3:29 am

    hey! love your concert experience! so you were able to just talk to them right after they performed or did you wait until after alex goot performed. I'm just curious because I want to meet them too, but not sure when would be best